Online Poker Bot

Online games from chess and backgammon to first individual shooters are overflowing with individuals who utilize PC helped play or PC robots – notwithstanding when there is no cash in question. With the fitting project any player can play at a big showdown level demolishing the game for fair players. What makes online poker distinctive, given that there are immense measures of cash in question?

In this article I will clarify how I built up a poker bot and what I learnt from this experience. My decision is that in spite of the fact that it is conceivable to build a poker playing bot the risk from poker bots to the online poker player is to a great degree little to non-existent.

“Games” Theory

For intrigue and school courses I had beforehand composed PC playing projects or bots for games including chess, Connect 4, Othello, backgammon, connect and different others. For games, for example, Connect 4, Othello, chess and backgammon where all players have the same accessible data about the game express, the hypothesis on the most proficient method to develop master bots is outstanding. Profound hunt procedures, looking numerous pushes forward, are utilized for games, for example, Othello and chess. As of late (10 years prior) it was found neural systems could be instructed to play backgammon superior to anything any human player. Games, for example, poker and scaffold contain shrouded data where the players can see their own hand yet not that of alternate players. The distributed hypothesis behind composing master PC bots for these inadequate data games is decades behind the finish data games and there are questions strategies will be created so PCs can play at master or big showdown level. From an optimistic standpoint methods for these inadequate data games appear to include some type of recreation and adversary demonstrating.

Life systems of An Online Poker Bot

There are 3 nuts and bolts parts to a poker bot:

1) Data Gathering – watching the game state and history

2) Data Processing – utilizing the data from the information assembled to figure out if to crease, call or raise.

3) Output – Pressing the proper catch on the poker room customer.

My Poker Bot

My program was composed in mid 2004 with Microsoft .Net C++ and was produced to play at one online room as it were. For the in fact minded the program depended vigorously on MFC and the Win32 API.

1) Data Gathering

My bot assembled data about game state and history from online poker tables by taking rehashed screenshots and breaking down the picture. In the first place I simply watched games, taking screenshots naturally so I could assemble information on the position of the cards, chips and catch. By deciding the shade of a specific couple of pixels I could accumulate this data about the condition of the game.

Inevitably I could accumulate information from numerous poker tables (4 at once) by more than once conveying every window to the closer view and taking a screenshot. From this screenshot I could decide my cards, board cards, catch position, who was left in the hand, pot size and player wager sizes.

2) Data handling

This is the part that inevitably purchased my poker bot venture to an end, not able to build up a sufficiently solid technique to win reliably. I attempted different guidelines based, neural net and recreation systems. Best case scenario my bot could make a little benefit at $1/2 and $2/$4 confine hold’em, yet no place close to the a huge number of dollars a week I imagined winning when I began the venture. At last it simply wasn’t justified regardless of my opportunity to keep on putting assets into building up my poker bot assist.

3) Output

This was the most straightforward segment to compose. This included automatically moving the mouse pointer to the fitting screen co-ordinates and afterward sending a mouse down/mouse up order flagging a left-click. I gave thought to including the capacity for the bot to utilize visit however never advanced that far.


In spite of the fact that you may keep running into a poker playing bot while playing online the chances